Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Harvest Financial QA

  • What Does Harvest Social Security QA Do?

    Our mission is to provide an educational resource for the public regarding how to plan for the future and understand the financial resources available to you. In order to help the public understand their Social Security benefits, we host workshops that are open to attendees from across the United States, and are led by financial experts. Most people who attend our Social Security workshops are nearing retirement age, although people of any age may attend.

  • What Is the Cost of a Harvest Social Security QA Workshop?

    The best part of attending a Harvest Social Security QA workshop is that it’s completely free!

  • What Types of Information Will I Learn at a Harvest Social Security QA Workshop and Who Will Be Leading the Workshop?

    We make our Social Security workshops as comprehensive as possible, providing information regarding:

    • The different ways that SS benefits can be claimed;
    • What happens if your spouse dies or you divorce;
    • When the best time to claim your benefits is;
    • Potential ways to increase your benefits; and
    • How to avoid common mistakes when claiming benefits.

    As stated above, our workshops are led by myriad financial professionals, many of whom live and work in the local community. Many workshop presenters are Social Security lawyers, financial advisors, and certified public accountants.

  • How Do You Choose Presenters for SS Workshops Provided by Harvest Social Security QA?

    In order to be a presenter at one of our SS workshops, the presenter must be NSSA (National Social Security Advisors) certified and be in good standing with the NSSA, as well as state and federal (if applicable) licensing organization. We also personally screen all presenters.  

  • Do I Have to Buy Something or Invest My Money at the End of a Workshop?

    At this point, you may be thinking – what’s the catch? We guarantee that at the end of our workshop, there will be no sales pitch where you are pressured to buy something, hire someone, or invest your money in a service. Our workshops are completely educational and held strictly for learning purposes. If you would like to speak with and potentially hire one of the presenters at a Harvest Social Security QA workshop at its conclusion, that is entirely up to you.

  • Is Harvest Social Security QA a Part of the U.S. Social Security Administration?

    Harvest Social Security QA is an educational resource for those nearing retirement. Harvest Social Security QA provides educational workshops open to the public across the United States.

  • What’s in it for Harvest Social Security QA?

    We strongly believe that a more educated society is a more effective society for everyone. We are primarily funded through private means.

  • I Want to Learn More – What’s Next?

    If you want to learn more about our Harvest Social Security QA workshops and other important facts about Social Security benefits, register for one of our upcoming workshops online today. Our workshops are held at Indiana Wesleyan University in Merrillville.

No Charge to Attend! Seating is limited, so sign up today!

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