How to Collect an Ex-Spouse’s Social Security Benefits in Munster

How to Collect an Ex-Spouse’s Social Security Benefits in Munster

When it comes time to start collecting Social Security benefits in Munster, you may have a variety of questions. At the top of your list may be at what age you should start collecting Social Security retirement benefits, how many work credits you need, and how your Social Security benefits may be affected if you are divorced. At Harvest Social Security QA, we can help you to answer all of these questions when you attend one of our free Social Security workshops in Munster. In the meantime, consider this important information regarding how to collect an ex-spouse’s Social Security benefits—

You Are Allowed to Collect Social Security Benefits on Your Ex-Spouse’s Record When…

If you are no longer married, you may be able to collect your ex-spouse’s benefits if the following criteria are satisfied:

  • Your Social Security benefit on your own record is less than what it would be on the record of your ex-spouse, or you are not eligible for Social Security through your own record because you have not earned enough work credits;
  • You are at least 62 years of age;
  • You have not remarried;
  • You were married to your ex for at least 10 years; and
  • Your ex-spouse is currently eligible for Social Security retirement or Social Security disability benefits.

What If I Am Eligible for Benefits on My Record and on the Record of My Ex-Spouse?

It is not uncommon for a person to be eligible for Social Security records both on their own record and on the record of an ex-spouse. When this is the case, you will receive Social Security retirement benefits on your own record first; if your ex-spouse’s benefit amount is greater than your own, then this will be added so that the combination of benefits is equal to the greater amount.

Working and Receiving Benefits Simultaneously

Another common question is in regards to a person’s ability to receive Social Security benefits on the record of their ex-spouse and work simultaneously. While this is possible, there will be a reduction in your benefit amount, and the reduction is more significant if you begin claiming benefits while working before reaching full retirement age. For this reason, waiting as long as possible to begin claiming benefits is typically advised, unless other special circumstances apply.

Waiting Until Reaching Full Retirement Age

It is important to remember that waiting until you reach full retirement age–or later–to claim benefits is the best way to maximize your benefit amount. Your full retirement age is not 62; this is the age at which you can begin claiming benefits. Instead, full retirement age is dependent upon the year  you were born, and is most likely between age 66 and 67.

Learn More About Collecting an Ex-Spouse’s Social Security Benefits in Munster

When you are thinking about retirement, you surely want to receive the highest benefit amount from the Social Security Administration as possible. In order to do this, it is important to understand how things like your age, your earned benefits, your current income status, and claiming benefits on the record of your ex-spouse may affect one another. For free information, we encourage you to attend a Social Security workshop near Munster – you can sign up online today.

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