How to Collect on an Ex-Spouse’s Social Security Benefits in Lakes of the Four Seasons

How to Collect on an Ex-Spouse’s Social Security Benefits in Lakes of the Four Seasons

One of the biggest concerns for divorcing couples can be how the divorce will affect their financial future, including their Social Security retirement benefits. The concern is valid; economic health and stability may be very uncertain following a divorce. However, one thing that divorcing, or divorced, couples can take comfort in is the fact that those who were married for at least 10 years can, assuming other criteria are satisfied, collect an ex-spouse’s Social Security benefits. If you live in Lakes of the Four Seasons and want to learn more about how to collect on an ex-spouse’s Social Security benefits, or how to maximize your Social Security benefits in general, sign up to attend a free workshop near you today.

Ways to Collect on an Ex-Spouse’s Social Security Record

It is common for one party in a relationship to be a greater income earner than the other. Because Social Security retirement benefits are based on a person’s best 35 years of earnings, one party in a relationship may very likely be entitled to a greater benefit amount than the other. If this couple divorces, an ex-spouse is still entitled to collect benefits on their ex-partner’s record when:

  • The marriage lasted for at least 10 years;
  • The benefit-seeking spouse has not remarried;
  • The Social Security benefits on one’s own record are less than they are on the record of an ex-spouse; and
  • Both parties are at least 62 years old.

When You Can Start Collecting Benefits on the Record of Your Ex-Spouse

You can start collecting benefits on the record of your ex-spouse, assuming that the above criteria are satisfied, when you are 62 years old. However, keep in mind that this age and your full retirement age are different; your full retirement age is the age at which you can begin receiving 100 percent of the benefit amount that you are entitled to. If you begin collecting your benefits early, your benefit amount will be reduced.

Waiting until you reach full retirement age to start collecting your benefit is also beneficial in the event that you want to continue working while you are collecting benefits. If you want to continue working, your benefit amount will be reduced. However, if you start collecting benefits before full retirement age, the reduction is $1 for every $2 earned past an income limit (which changes yearly). If you wait until after reaching full retirement age, the income limit is raised significantly, and the reduction changes to $1 for every $3 earned.

How You Can Learn More About Collecting Social Security Benefits on the Record of an Ex-Spouse

Social Security and the benefits that are available can be confusing things to understand, especially for people who are divorced or for whom other special circumstances apply. At Harvest Social Security QA, we know that you have a lot of questions, and we want to help you secure the answers that you are looking for. As such, we host free educational workshops for members of the Lakes of the Four Seasons community. To learn more about these workshops, what type of information is offered in a workshop, why it’s free, and how you can sign up, refer to our website today.

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